insert friendly handshake here.

22 01 2010

Well hello there, new friend… I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m sure glad you’re here!

Let me start off by giving you a fake name, because that’s how I roll: Jane. Obviously (or maybe not-so-obviously), my blog name came from a Saving Jane song, so you can call me Jane. You’ll learn later when I am blogging on a regular basis, that it is definitely in my favor to not use my given name.

Random, useless information: I’m a single twenty-something girl living in San Francisco. I’m a nanny. I love Diet Coke. I love pizza. I hate spiders. I envy Marisa Miller’s body. I’m in love with Dermot Mulroney. I steal pens from places after signing my receipt if I like how the pen writes. I watch Sex and the City and Friends reruns on a daily basis. I need to work out more. I need to eat less. I need to drink less Diet Coke. I need to drink more water. I love sharing a purse/journal with my best friend. I believe that sweatpants were one of the best creations ever. Ditto goes for frozen yogurt & gummy bears. I love to read. I check my Facebook too many times to count in a day.

Alright, that’s enough information for your pretty little brain today. I hope you’ll stick around for a while, I’d really like to get to know you, too!





4 responses

22 01 2010

A spider at work was fucking with our fire alarms. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

23 01 2010
Extremely Witty

hmm. No thanks, this journal seems boring. And you, “Jane,” sound like a HUGE nerd.


23 01 2010

Kaci- that grosses me out to my inner core. I don’t want to think about spiders fucking with people, or their fire alarms. Enough of that talk.

Witty- Jerk. Fine, don’t read my blog then. It’ll probably be too girly for you anyway! 😛

23 01 2010

Looking forward to following your progress, Jane! 🙂

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