say goodnight and go (to sleep).

26 01 2010

Tuesday’s happiness is…

  • Hearing the paw-steps of your dog following you around, every step you take.
  • Hearing your best friend’s voice from hundreds of miles away.
  • Stealing lyrics/song titles to use as your blog title (thanks, Imogen Heap).
  • Crossing off everything on your “to-do” list.
  • Not eating sugar for the 2nd day in a row (miracle).

You are all so awesome for reading my blog. I’m also absolutely thrilled with the response I’ve gotten from all of you 20-something-bloggers, and very excited to keep up with all of your blogs, as well*!

Just a little note before I head to bed… I did the first workout of the C25K running plan yesterday, and it was a total success! I thought I’d be huffing and puffing through the entire walk/jog, but it turns out that it was the perfect amount to start out at. I gave myself a break today so so that I don’t push myself too hard, but I think I’ll will be ready to go again tomorrow!

Also, the 2nd day of no sweets was the exact OPPOSITE of easy. Apparently everyone’s trying to sabatoge me because everywhere I went, I swear they had a candy cup/dish/bowl/jar/FUCKING PICNIC BASKET (I SWEAR, there was a BASKET!) full of candy on people’s counters. And guess what? None for Jane. Because she’s an idiot and swore off candy for the next 149 days, 3,588 hours, 21,308 minutes and 12,198,494 seconds.


*For all of you at who have been asking me how you can follow me: Instead of clicking on the “Follow this blog” link on the person’s page, on your Dashboard you can click “Manage” under “Blogs I’m Following” and manually type in my link, which is, of course:




7 responses

26 01 2010
Extremely Witty

How do you unfollow your blog? I kiiiid, I kiiiid
Congrats on finishing your to-do list

27 01 2010
Erica B.

Good for you on all your goals your setting!!

27 01 2010

As a fellow sugar addict, I empathize. I’m doing okay. But I still allow sugar a couple of times a week. You’re AMAZING!

28 01 2010

Good luck with trying to lose some weight and get back in shape..I’m on the same boat as you are but wouldn’t be able to give up sugar. (Iced tea is my coffee and I need one every morning to get myself going.)

I’ve also just started the Couch-to-5K plan, myself and have been good all week. I look forward to seeing your progress and success!!

22 02 2010

To follow you there is also a little button underneath the comment form that says “Notify me of new posts via email.” And every time you put up a new post it will send it straight to your email account. That’s what I do.

22 02 2010

oh wow, thanks! apparently i like to give the long directions on how to do things. 🙂 thanks for your tip.

1 03 2010

Yea I’m the most UN-tech savvy person i know, so I like to share when I figure something out! Haha!

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