blame it on the a-a-a-a-aaaalcohol.

2 02 2010

Sugarless me has discovered something. This weekend I exercised jack squat, downed 5+ glasses of pinot noir on Saturday and ended up losing weight this week. This could work for me. I mean, I’m no wino, but I could definitely get used to it. Plus, I’ve started to exercise regularly this week along with a half hour in the sauna afterwards is a major plus. I’m loving the relaxation afterwards!

Alright, I don’t want this blog to be all about weight, so… speaking of alcohol, I was trying to think of the last time I had drunk so heavily in one night, and figured that it was New Year’s Eve, where I didn’t start drinking until 11:45 pm and was wasted by approximately 12:15 am. People were handing me shots of “malibu rum” that ended up being whiskey, and the last thing I remember was walking home, and falling a lot. And of course what could say “this was an awesome new year” better than waking up naked in an unfamiliar bed with a very attractive man?

Any New  Year’s Resolutions this year for any of you?




6 responses

2 02 2010
Extremely Witty

I wish you remember what occurred in that unfamiliar bed, although the end result is pretty stellar on its own. And is this the secret to hooking up with girls? Give them shots of of whiskey, but claim it’s something girly? Genius.

2 02 2010

It was the girls that were giving me shots! And yes, I do wish I remembered what happened in the bed as well, but unfortunately, I think it was just a lot of shut-eye.

3 02 2010

i sure don’t want to wake up in bed with an attractive man. uh oh.

maybe you should sell the Wine Weight Loss System. see what happens. i think it’ll sell.

4 02 2010

Too funny!! My blog post today features this song too! I love it! you have to check it out

4 02 2010

I am very much on board with your diet

6 02 2010

Count me in… I can totally do wine for a diet.

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