ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.

13 02 2010

Apologies for not writing in here as often as I had hoped. I’ve been a busy girl (I know, excuses, excuses)!

What have you missed? Not much. Work, as usual. Not so much play, as usual. Tons of exercising, and lots of downtime in the sauna (ahhhh).

Also had an awkward run-in with an ex-boyfriend at a bar this weekend. Awkward because he obviously wants to get back together, and I would like the exact opposite. Well, maybe not exact opposite, but I’d like to just be friends, benefit-less. And what made it even more awkward is that a guy friend went with me to the bar, so I got to sit in between the two of them, while they both tried to talk to me at the same time. The ex wanted to be caught up in my life, and the friend was talking Olympics.  I ended up going back and forth to the juke box so that I could take a little break. The boys other than that have been pretty non-existent other than talking to  a few guy friends, which are pretty much platonic. Plus, none of them are in the state I’m in, or else I just might try to make something work. Damn. Happy Valentines Day to me.

I’ve been really behind on reading books, as I plan to read 250 books in a year, it was off to a great start, and now I’m falling behind. Must get back on track. But, I did happen to finish Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. If you get the chance, you should definitely read it, and watch the movie. Of course, the movie was not nearly as good as the book, but that’s how it always ends up, right? Plus, Channing Tatum (yum) is in it, and that’s reason enough to go see it. Well, I’m sure the women agree with me, anyway. And Amanda Seyfried isn’t too bad herself (there you go, gents). Anyway, I started reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks this week, so hopefully I can finish it and get back on track with reading lots of books for my goal (#1).

Also, I’ve decided to not make this all bout dieting/sugarlessness. But if you’d like to follow my progress, you can still check it out at my Losing It page, I’ll be updating it weekly. 🙂

Hope you all continue to follow!




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14 02 2010

250 books in a year?! I’ve been trying to read FIFTY in a year and I haven’t reached that goal yet. I need to step it up! Good luck with your goal 🙂

14 02 2010
Extremely Witty

You should write a journal about all the Skype sex you’ve been having instead of ones about books and losing weight.

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