Losing It

Weight, that is.
Let me explain: I currently weigh more than I’d like.
What I’d like to weigh: What I used to weigh back in High School.
And what’s that?: Numbers won’t be given. Only pounds lost (or gained, but hopefully not).

Anyway, I’ll try to post weight loss/gain at the beginning of each new post I write… or you can just check in here:


(via myfitnesspal)
This will be updated weekly, on Thursdays.

Also, a couple of  friends and I are going to attempt will succeed at the Couch Potato to 5k running program.

Update 01.25.10: No sugar pact in force for the next 6 months with Rachel.


5 responses

25 01 2010
the pact «

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28 01 2010
such a beautiful disaster. «

[…] Losing It […]

13 02 2010
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth. «

[…] Losing It […]

22 02 2010
Rikki King

no numbers, really?

i always wanna blog about weight but worry about the future employers deal.
but i give numbers sometimes! ok, maybe once, ish. when it was good news.

22 02 2010

nope, no numbers.

i feel like a fatass, and numbers just make it worse. 🙂

and ditto with the future employer stuff. that’s why i’ve decided to go anonymous. 🙂

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