Whatcha Readin’?

  • 01.01.10 – naked by david sedaris (finished 01.15.10)
  • 01.15.10 – catch me if you can by frank w. abagnale (f. 01.20.10)
  • 01.20.10 bridget jones’s diary by helen fielding (f. 01.29.10)
  • 01.30.10 – bridget jones: the edge of reason by helen fielding
  • 01.30.10 – dear john by nicholas sparks (f. 01.31.10)

8 responses

28 01 2010

I love David Sedaris… I actually just got done reading When You Are Engulfed in Flames and loved it.

28 01 2010
such a beautiful disaster. «

[…] Whatcha Readin'? […]

22 02 2010

Im reading catcher in the rye!! I frickin love this book. Being british I love hearing tradish American accent in writing, sometimes it gets left out, but I love it all the same.. if you want a good easy read that will make you think READ IT!! Its frickin good sencierly

22 02 2010

i totally have that on my bookshelf! i’m definitely going to have to read it. i’m pretty sure that i read it in high school, but i don’t remember most of it. so thanks for reminding me it’s a keeper! 🙂

30 01 2010

I just downloaded a shitton of free e-books on my droid… first up to read? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

31 01 2010

You should probably read Dear John. I’m already half way through and just started yesterday!

22 02 2010
Rikki King

loved the first bridget jones, tho it got weary after awhile.

cool blog feature tho! blogeature? yes.

22 02 2010

i totally agree. i actually read the first one, and then got maybe a chapter or two (meaning 2 of bridg’s days) into it, and put it down.

and thank you! 🙂

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